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Toronto Drug Offence Lawyers

Whether you have been charged with importing a large amount of cocaine or possessing a small amount of a lesser drug, drug offences can be a serious matter in your life and will require the assistance of drug offence lawyers. Convictions for a drug offence often means a long time in jail. Even when jail is not the outcome, drug charges can severely restrict your employment and travel.

Drug offences can be broken down into several different levels.

Simple Possession:  This is the least of the offences. Possession charges vary in severity by the kind of drug you are accused of possessing. Drugs are broken into schedules with the most serious together and the last serious together. To prove possession the Crown will have to show that you had control over the drugs, that you knew the drugs were there and that you had a measure of control over the drugs.

Possession for the purpose of trafficking

This is the next most serious level of drug offence. It varies in severity with the kind of drug the police said you possessed. It also varies with the quantity they said you possessed. The elements of this offence are the same as possession but the Crown must also prove that your possession was for the purpose of trafficking. Trafficking often means sale but it can also mean sharing. Often this offence is proven by having a drug expert testify that the amount they seized was larger than an amount that a simple user would own.