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Sexual Assault Lawyers

Sexual assault is a very serious charge in Canada. It can include conduct from an unwanted touch or kiss all the way to forced intercourse.

No matter the nature of the allegation, this is a charge that needs an experienced defence. A conviction for even a relatively lesser sexual assault can have devastating consequences for the rest of your life. You may see your current employment and / or your future employment put in peril.

A conviction for sexual assault often, but not always, leads to incarceration and your name being put on the national and provincial sex offender registries, and registration on the national DNA bank.    In some cases, there is a mandatory minimum sentence of incarceration that must be imposed.   This means that there is a minimum amount of jail time that the judge MUST impose.  For example, there is a one year in jail minimum for a conviction where the complainant is under 16yrs of age.

Sexual assault charges are serious and often complex to defend.  This is why you need a lawyer who has the experience and understanding of the laws of evidence that are needed to successfully defend a sexual assault charge.

At Derstine Penman we have the experience and the knowledge that is needed to take on even the most serious sexual assault cases.  We regularly defend clients on these charges. We have had considerable success at trial in defending persons accused of such crimes.   In all instances, we will help guide you through the process; doing our best to ensure the best possible outcome.