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Murder/Manslaughter and Attempted Murder

Derstine Penman has defended many clients charged with murder including very high profile murder cases such as the Tori Stafford homicide, and the Eaton Centre shooting.   Derstine Penman has the team, legal knowledge and years of experience, to help anyone successfully defend a charge of murder, manslaughter or attempted murder. If you or someone you care about is charged with murder it is essential that they be represented by a murder specialist. These are the most complex and challenging trials in criminal law, pick your lawyer carefully.

There are two categories of murder offences, first degree and second degree murder.  Both are intentional killings with first degree murder also incorporating an element of planning and deliberation.  First degree murder is also made out if the killing took place during the course of another unlawful act, such as sexual assault.  Manslaughter is an unintentional killing that results in death.

The automatic sentence of imprisonment for first degree murder is life imprisonment with no chance of parole until 25years have been served.  Second degree murder also carries an automatic life sentence, but parole is determined by the court with a minimum of 10 years having to be served before one can apply for parole.   Manslaughter sentences can range from no jail all the way up to life imprisonment.

Attempted murder is the charge that encompasses the situation where there is the same intent as murder, but death does not ensue.  The potential maximum imprisonment for attempt murder is the same as that of murder, life imprisonment.

The lawyers at Derstine Penman can help you vigorously defend a charge of murder/manslaughter or attempted murder.  We have built years of experience working on countless numbers of these cases. Put our vast experience to work for you. We encourage you to contact us for a consultation.