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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking charges are very serious and can result if a person recruits, transports, receives, holds, conceals, transfers or harbours another person.  Charges may be laid if a person exercises control, direction or influence over the movement of another person for the purposes of exploiting them for a sexual purpose, or use a forced labour.   Often we think of trafficking in the context of charges for ‘pimping’ women or transporting women.  It is a common concept in the sex industry but can also occur in labour, or domestic work industries.

There are a wide range of charges that can result from allegations of human trafficking.  The penalties are severe and for some offences there are mandatory minimum jail sentences if convicted.  There are also a number of related offences including sexual assault, assault, kidnapping, forcible confinement etc.

The lawyers at Derstine Penman have defended many cases of human trafficking.    We have the experience and tools necessary to successfully defend human trafficking and related offences.    Please contact us for a free consultation to determine how we can help you.