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Gang and Organized Crime

More and more we are seeing large police enforcement in areas of gangs and organized crime. These prosecutions have a number of features which make them difficult to defend. They often have an extremely large amount of crown disclosure. This disclosure needs to be reviewed to properly defend you and your case, but its sheer volume is often beyond the ability of one lawyer to review.

At Derstine Penman we have the resources and the numbers to process extremely large volumes of complex disclosure. We have experts in search warrants, tracking warrants, cell tower analysis,, the law of criminal conspiracy and the law of criminal organization.

Whether you have been charged with being the head or a minor player in a criminal organization, this prosecution will take a lot of time. You can expect that it will be years before you actually see your trial. This will be especially challenging if you are in custody. Even if you are out of custody, harsh bail conditions can be extremely hard to live with for years.

Lawyers at Derstine Penman have defended people in most of the major gang and organized crime projects in the last 15 years. We have achieved significant success for our clients and have won the respect of the criminal law bar for our focused and effective defence of these charges.

If you are charged with any offences of this nature, call us and we are happy to visit you free of charge, in or out of custody.