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Child Pornography and Internet Luring

Child pornography and internet luring offences are often linked because they both occur online. Both are very serious offences which can cause tremendous damage to your reputation and your future or current employment.  Child pornography charges carry a mandatory sentence of jail for six months to a year. If convicted you will be going to jail.

They also require a lawyer and a firm who has considerable expertise in defending this sort of allegation. At Derstine Penman we have the specialized knowledge of the legal and factual complexities of defending these charges.

Among other things you will need a lawyer who is well aware of the complex issues of the interplay between the law and the internet.

Defence of both of these charges often starts with an attack on the search warrants which allowed the police to access your records and your computer. At Derstine Penman we are vastly experienced at quashing search warrants by finding that they breached your rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. On any given day we probably have a couple of lawyers working on search warrant cases. We have had great success in challenging search warrants and we can bring this experience to bear on your case. If the police breached your rights in searching your private information then this evidence can be excluded.

As with all charges, come in and we will talk to you about your situation free of charge.